Corporate Advisory

  1. Advisory for raising funds by PE and IPO: Private Equity is generally the first form of any external equity raising endeavor in any business. We are fully equipped to act as a Transaction Advisor and Intermediary to play the vital role in securing the PE placement in a right scenario in accordance with the aspirations of Private Equity investor and the Company. With respect to revocation of suspension and reinstatement of trading with the Stock Exchange and with respect to Takeover / Acquisition of listed company in compliance with SEBI Regulations.

  2. Restructuring, Merger, Amalgamation, Fast Track Merger and Reverse Merger: Our Merger and Acquisition services include advice on the full range of strategic transactions, including mergers (sell/buy-side), leveraged buy-outs, joint ventures, strategic alliances, demergers, Fast track merger, Reverse merger, slump sales and other restructurings.

  3. Overseas Direct Investment (ODI)/Foreign Direct investment (FDI): An Indian Party is eligible to make ODI in Joint Venture (JV)/ Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) and the total financial commitment (“FC”) of Indian Party in overseas JV/ WOS shall not exceed 400% of its net worth.