Regulatory Compliance Management & Audit

  1. SEBI/Stock Exchange: Indian Companies are taking a lead and unlocking their business values by way of varied Corporate Actions, which require pre and post approvals from the Stock Exchanges/SEBI. Our Capital Markets & Stock Exchange Services help the listed companies to unlock their value and provide a back end support for undertaking the Corporate Actions..

  2. FEMA/RBI: We provide customized solutions based on a careful analysis of client needs, culture and organizational processes. We assist our client with required process and procedures including all the license and permission required in India to operate. Foreign investors can invest directly in India, either on their own or through joint ventures in virtually all the sectors except in a very small list of activities where foreign investment is prohibited. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) can be made through two routes that are:
    1. Automatic Route
    2. Government Approval Route

  3. Labour Law: We provides consultancy in implementation of various labour laws affecting small, medium and large industries. From the appointment of a single work hand, during the continuation of an employee’s tenure till retirement or termination, we provide all assistance and support on a turnkey basis. Our liaison work ensures smooth functioning of the workplace making possible enhanced production, a peaceful workplace and satisfaction for all stakeholders

  4. Environmental / Factory / Industry Specific Laws : We provide specialized services in the field of Environment Compliances, Factory Act compliances and all industrial law Compliances.

  5. Due Diligence Services: Due Diligence involves the detailed examination of financial records before any major financial decision is taken by an external entity e.g. for making investment in your company, M&A or any other sort of financial or strategic collaboration or arrangement etc. We can add substantial value before the Due Diligence exercise is formally initiated by an external entity as our pre-due diligence exercise will not only help to keep you aware about the possible outcome of the Due Diligence proceedings but also help in correcting the deviations / gaps to the extent possible at the early stage itself.